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Whether you want to easily offer your manufacturing services online, automate tedious business processes like quotation, or integrate your online customers with your CRM software, Kabuku MMS has you covered. Best of all, most of our functions are 100% free - without time limit.
What we offer

Our Top Features

Homepage Integration - Add e-commerce-like workflows to your business website
Automated Quotations - Provide unlimited instant quotations without any fees
Order Management - Process new RfQs and orders, and assign them to the right user
MMS Automations - Set up rules (if THIS, then THAT) to automate order handling
Cloud Services Integration - Export data to your favorite CRM or ERP software
Help Desk - Get started in no time with our set-up tutorial and detailed manual

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Our Pricing

  • Free

    No trial period, always 100% free:

    • Unlimited quotations
    • Unlimited orders
    • Unlimited file storage space
    • Support material estimation
    • Order management
    • Integrated messaging
    • White labeling
    • Customized URL
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  • Premium

    Only pay for the features you need:

    • Additional customer accounts
    • Additional automations
    • Additional user accounts
    • Homepage integration
    • Upgraded file uploader
    • Cloud services integration
    • Complex quotation logic
    • Customer access mgmt.
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Manufacturing dental crowns, hearing aids, prosthetics, even the generation of human tissue or entire organs - 3D printing goes way beyond figurines and prototypes. Click to find out more about the promising future ahead !