Kabuku MMS version 2.0 released - Better, simpler, cheaper!

Sebastian Roser March 15 , 2017

Kabuku, the leading digital manufacturing service provider in Japan, is proud to launch Kabuku MMS version 2.0 today. Formerly known as rinkak 3D Printing MMS, this major release of Kabuku's cloud software for 3D printing business management and automation features the following changes:

  • More flexible (and economical) pricing model:

    Our new pricing is a complete game changer in the 3D printing industry. We realized fixed plans are not the answer in a world with one-man companies and service enterprises running more than 10 different SLM machines. So from today onwards our users only pay for the features that they really need for their business. Even better: With our new pricing model, a comparable monthly subscription of Kabuku MMS has just become more than 30% cheaper across the board!

    On top of that, our core features (file uploader, automated quotations, order and customer management) are all free - and will stay free forever: No more 14- or 30-day trials. Once signed up to Kabuku MMS, our users can enjoy the functionality of our software for free as long as they want. That still holds true even when their business is growing, because we now also offer...

  • Unlimited quotations and orders for FREE:

    Yes, you heard right. All of our competitors are charging for automated quotes or taking a share from processed revenue in some way or another. We do not. When our customers sign up for Kabuku MMS, they can be assured that their monthly fees for our software stay where they should be: low and controllable.

  • New features for approaching your customers online:

    For version 2.0, we have severely upgraded the internal file uploader of Kabuku MMS: Apart from also allowing uploads of 2D files now (e.g. for mold-making blueprints), our users' clients may now upload up to 10 different files at once - and duplicate them later in the workflow to account for orders in various materials or containing several different post-processes.

    But most importantly, Kabuku MMS now offers a feature that our users have requested very passionately: The integration of our order flow in their website. Our new Premium feature "Homepage Integration" allows our users to embed the end customer-facing part of our service (i.e. the file uploader, 3D viewer, technology and material selection, automated quotation engine and order placement) into any part of their own website. That way, offering their 3D printing services to an online audience has become even more direct, own-branded and effective.

    Check out an example for the Homepage Integration below:

  • New feature for integrating with other cloud services:

    We are not Salesforce. We would love to be, but we are not. So what to do when most of our customers actually use Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Dropbox, etc. because they offer functions that we can just not replicate (easily)? Simple! We just offer to integrate with all of them!

    How is that possible, you ask? Well, fortunately there are lots of very helpful tools out there, and one of them is called Zapier. By offering a direct integration with Zapier via our Premium feature "Cloud Services Integration", we can provide our users with automated data export functionalities to hundreds of other cloud services out there. And all that without any development skills!

  • Improved user interface:

    A few months ago, our Kabuku MMS already got a pretty big facelift. In comparison to that, our UI improvement this time seems small, but it is significant nonetheless:

    • We completely overhauled our order management dashboard to provide relevant information to our users right when they open up MMS.
    • We re-shuffled our menu items in a way that there is an obvious theme to each menu level.
    • We made it easier for our users to set up their manufacturing business (e.g. shipping settings).
    • We introduced a new menu item for easily managing the monthly payment and the different functions of our paid Premium features.
  • New Help Desk to make MMS even more accessible:

    The reason why there is not a 3D printer in every home yet, apart from the still high prices: 3D printing is still not very beginner-friendly. Our industry is fairly complex, with hundreds of different AM machines and materials at our disposal. In light of this, a software for this industry, even if it is mainly a software for managing business processes, can by definition not be as accessible as an iPhone.

    We have invested lots of time, though, to come close to the iPhone - and not just by improving our UI (see above): When signing up to MMS, let our set-up tutorial guide you. With our new Help Desk, we have compiled an extensive support database for all MMS-related questions. If you have a detailed inquiry related to a specific menu item or feature, just consult our in-depth manual. Of course our users always have the chance to contact our technical support directly under support-mms@kabuku.io.

  • New landing page:

    When you are reading this, chances are you have already seen it, so let's be brief about it: Our new landing page at https://mms.kabuku.io is the new go-to address for all things Kabuku MMS. On four brand new pages (Home, Features, Pricing, Contact) we present version 2.0 of our software to our customers. Special focus lies on the detailed feature descriptions and on the explanation of our flexible, feature-based pricing model.

    Last, but not least, a part of our Kabuku MMS landing page, but technically in a category of its own, is our ...

  • New blog:

    The AM industry is growing rapidly every day. And so is its industry media. But we realized that most news aggregators or blog websites primarily focus on the technology side: Printers, materials, processes. What they often miss to tell their readership is how to run a successful 3D printing business. How to use modern IT to become more efficient in their daily work. With our new blog, we aim to change that. Over the next few months, we plan to regularly release articles on the following topics:

    • Additive Business - Strategies for 3D printing business owners
    • Additive IT - Software tools how to better organize 3D printing workflows
    • Additive Trends - A glimpse into the future of additive manufacturing

    We will also use the blog to inform about major releases and feature updates of Kabuku MMS.

That was a long read - more than 1000 words, to be precise 😉 Thank you for coming this far! We are happy to welcome you on Kabuku MMS any time soon - just sign up and we will take care of your 3D printing business. Promised 🙂

Your Kabuku MMS team